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Fast Patch Drywall FL-LLC

Communication with the office is very important! when emailing or contacting the office about your job you need to include,the size of your patch or patches. please measure this for accuracy. Email us pictures of the damaged area or areas. Are your walls smooth or textured? You must provide parking for our technicians. Do you have a gated community?Do we have to be buzzed into your building? If you have any of these issues include them in your email. Estimate will not be accurate if you do not provide this info.,and due to this on day of repair will delay your job and possibly someone else's. After our technician arrives and assesses your job they will immediately see changes needed to be made they will then proceed to their work vehicle to contact the office to calculate your new estimate. Our technicians will not move forward at that point until we have an emailed agreement to the new accurate estimate. Thanks for your time and patience we look forward to working with you now and hopefully again in the future

Although we try our hardest not to charge extra everyone's job is different and may require additional charges. We promise there are no hidden fees. (will be included in your estimate)  if you have a booked appointment with us and you need to reschedule or cancel please give us a 2 day notice from the time of your appointment if you cancel 2 days or less prior to your scheduled appointment you will be charged a $150( non-refundable fee)

You can pay through your invoice in your email with your credit or debit card.

Want to learn more about our services? Get in touch and see what we can offer you today. All scheduled appointments will be approved by the office to insure your time slot is right for your size job. The office will contact you within 15 min. of your booking for any left out details, and make sure your booking day is the right fit. Our hours of operation are 8am to 8pm M-F last booking slot for reservation is 2:30pm any appointments trying to be made for Same day booking will not happen after 2:30 and will be rescheduled for the next availability. We can't promise you that you will be able to be scheduled in on the same day, especially during busy season. But we will get you scheduled as soon as possible.

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