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D ifferent types of texture


Orange Peel sm./large - Kock down sm./large - stomp - Mediterranean - Spanish lace - popcorn - smooth and more...



Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service. Knowledgeable. Professional. Friendly 

There are so many different types of textures and that's OK we can match your pre existing. smooth is the most common texture, getting enough mud to cover your joints and butt seems flawlessly. This is a basic procedure to have smooth walls. 


Level 5

Customized to perfection 

Level 5 is the "top shelf" of smooth walls. Unlike your typical smooth wall where the seams and butt joints along with corners and angles get mud level 5 has mud on every inch of the wall with no imperfections. level 5 ,when requested costs more... why? Because level 5 is very tedious and creates a lot more hard work than an average job, so this takes any technician longer. level 5 also requires an extra day. No matter what for sand and touch up this is a must for perfect walls


Small orange peel 

Attention to detail 

This happens to be a common spray texture. Due to our experience and know-how we offer this service with a quality finish to match your pre existing. Get in touch to learn more


Large orange peel 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

This is the larger of orange peel spray. We can match your pre existing perfectly, after the patch or patches are repaired.



Committed to Quality

Knockdown is another "top shelf" texture and upon request cost more. Why? Knockdown is a special texture that takes special tools and skill to achieve. Although we are fast, this takes a curtain quality standard procedure to accommodate.


Custom texture other than listed

Exceeding Expectations

There are so many different types of textures, and that's why we make sure to discuss every detail with you before beginning, so you know exactly what to expect. And exactly how much it's going to cost. Custom textures can be difficult and intricate but it's ok your in good hands. We specialize in textures. If you have a custom texture send us pictures and we will identify what you have so we can charge accordingly.

Services: Textures
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